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JSON-RPC pure-python implementation over TCP/IP (asyncronous, bidirectional)


bjsonrpc is a implementation of the well-known JSON-RPC protocol over TCP-IP with lots of features. It is aimed at speed and simplicity and it adds some other extensions to JSON-RPC that makes bjsonrpc a very powerful tool as a IPC mechanism over low bandwith.

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To use this software you must have (obviously) Python, version 2.5.x (with simplejson) or newer (using internal json library). If you have earlier versions of python 2 i guess it should work, but it is not tested at all.



As any other python package, you should do:

user@host:~/src/python/bjsonrpc$ sudo python install

... and the package will get installed on your system.


bjsonrpc is licensed under a BSD 3-clause license. You can use this software either for open-source or commercial projects.

Authors / Contact

You can write a email to the author:

Download / Releases

Community Support

There is a google groups (mailing list) for BJSONRPC:

Development Versions

There are three branches for choice:

Stable branch can be downloaded in either zip or tar formats.

You can also clone the project with Git by running:

$ git clone git://